Bartlesville Guitar Repair

Chip Pridmore


Electric, steel string, classical, basses.
Setups include nut, truss rod and intonation adjustment, cleaning and polishing frets and fretboard,
tightening loose hardware, spraying and cleaning of electronics, pickup height adjustment, cleaning instrument.

Strings are not included in the price. D'adarrio strings are stocked in the shop or you may provide your own.

‚ÄčBasic Setup: $75

All setups include a 30-day warranty.


Grind & Polish, starting at $75

Fret polishing, leveling and crowning.

Partial Refrets, starting at $75

Full Refret, starting at $200


Headstock Repairs, starting at $50

Crack repairs, starting at $50

Bridge re-glue, starting at $75

Nut replacement, starting at $75


Pickup installation and replacement: starting at $25

Repairs such as pot/jack replacements, full rewires, custom wiring: starting at $25

Additional Info

By appointment only.

Drop off only. No shipments of instruments.

Please drop off instruments with case or gig bag.

Services not offered: amplifier and pedal repair; re-finishing and finishing.

Repairs only. No retail sales unless parts are required for repair.